How soon will my Perfect Little House Company plans arrive?

Your plans, or Construction Documents package, will arrive in 5 to 6 weeks.

What will my Construction Documents include?

You are purchasing a license to build one structure, one time. Our drawings are very complete and include the information needed by a qualified contractor to build the home. The Construction Documents includes the following: Foundation Plan, Floor Plans, Framing Plans, Building Sections, Wall Section, Details, Exterior Elevations, Lighting Plans, Outline Specifications, Window and Door Schedules.

What if I want additional Interior Elevations?

The Building Sections in the Construction Documents set of drawings describe the spirit and intent of the interior by revealing what is beyond the location where the section through the building is cut. You may request additional Interior Elevations of specific rooms for an added cost. Please give us a call to discuss your scope of work and related fees.

Are the Perfect Little House Company (PLHC) designs based on the principles of sustainability?

Yes, the very nature of building a modest house is a sustainable way of thinking. The architectural spaces represented by PLHC designs are conceived with duality of purpose and efficiency in mind. If you wish, you may purchase an Extended Outline Specification with your PLHC Construction Documents which defines product specific items that may be integrated to enhance the overall sustainability of the PLHC plans you are purchasing.

If the Perfect Little House Company designs are modest in size, how do you get everything I need to fit?

Our designs take advantage of small areas often ignored because of compromised headroom. Secondary spaces such as closets, mechanical areas and powder rooms are tucked under stairs and sloped ceilings while the primary rooms benefit from open plans and taller ceilings.

Will my Construction Documents include a licensed architect's stamp?

No. As is the case with all stock plans, our Construction Documents are not stamped and approved for your specific site and permit requirements. Our license agreement requires you have a structural engineer review the drawings to make sure they comply with your local building codes and conditions relevant to your site, including height restrictions, CCRs, set backs, etc.

What if I want to make changes to the plans?

You may customize your home by taking your Construction Documents to a designer, architect or engineer in your area. You may need to hire a designer, architect or engineer to verify that your Construction Document package adheres to local zoning and building codes including structural requirements such as snow loads, seismic and wind resistance. This is a good time to discuss any modifications.

Can Perfect Little House Company make the changes to the design of my stock plans?

Perfect Little House Company is a service of BC&J Architecture, Planning and Construction Management, PS. The cost savings advantage of stock designs is diminished when one makes large scale modifications; however, minor modifications are welcome and will be serviced by BC&J on an hourly basis.

If you prefer a custom home, we encourage you to visit the custom residential work of BC&J Architecture, Planning and Construction Management, PS at www.bcandj.com.

How do I find a qualified architect or engineer in our area for the Permit Submittal of my Construction Documents?

Through the American Institute of Architects www.aia.org you will be able to find the names of architects working in your area. Also, your local trade organization of builders or your building supply center may have suggestions.

How much will it cost to build a Perfect Little House Company house?

Without knowledge of your specific site, local conditions, or the intended quality of finish materials, it is difficult to provide an estimate. Competition and contractor availability also varies throughout the country and will have an impact on your cost per square foot. It is important that you ascertain your areas typical rates by talking to local contractors.

What is recommended for heating and air conditioning?

As with cost per square foot, your HVAC requirements will vary according to your region. The floor plans you purchase from PLHC provide a mechanical closet, typically under stairs or near a laundry room, sized for moderate climate zones. If your area requires a more elaborate system, work with your designer, architect and builder to determine your exact needs. Keep in mind that if you are considering a more substantial system, discuss any structural alterations with an engineer to ensure that the floors have the structural strength to support your intended system and that mechanical ducts are placed appropriately in order that the building's structural integrity not be compromised.

How do I pay for a set of Perfect Little House Company Construction Documents?

You may pay online by credit card using the PayPal link on the Perfect Little House Company site, or you may send a check and a downloaded order form to:

Perfect Little House Company
197 Parfitt Way
Suite 120
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

If you have any questions, please call:

Peter Brachvogel
[email protected]

What is your refund policy?

Please make sure of your order before placing it as we do not offer refunds or exchanges. You may wish to download and print the trademarked house you are considering and discuss this preliminary information with your architect, builder, engineer or local building department prior to placing your order.

Can images of my house be included on your website?

Yes! We want to add more photographs of completed Perfect Little Houses on our website and would love to include yours! We will reach out to you by email a year after purchase to see how construction is proceeding and ask if you will share your photographs with The Perfect Little House Company.

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